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I was born and raised in Southern Idaho and attended Ricks College, graduating in 1998 with a degree in Computer Science. I met and married my husband, Troyce, while at Ricks and we have lived in the Eastern Idaho area for over 18 years. After graduating I spent 2 1/2 years working professionally for a local company doing customer support and website design, before "retiring" to be at home with my small children. Since then I have continued to do freelance website design with a history of over two dozen clients. I now also teach a multimedia class at Madison Middle School, passing on my knowledge to the next generation.

My husband Troyce and I have four wonderful children from ages 7 to 16. I enjoy the opportunities the Internet provides so that I can be at home with my kids while continuing to design. I am currently taking online classes through BYU-Idaho pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Web Design.

One character trait I have that I believe sets me apart is the ability to talk in layman's terms instead of speaking "tech". Many sucessful business people become intimidated by the Internet because it seems so "techie", and they can be taken advantage of by their lack of technical knowledge. I prefer to bridge that gap and work with clients to help them understand what they do need to know, without using any complicated or confusing jargon.