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Site Plan

Site Name: WMWebDesigns.com

Site Purpose:

The purpose of my site is to showcase samples of my work and attract new customers to my design business. I’d like to capture interest not only with the look of my site and the appeal of my portfolio, but to engage customers by sharing information with them-­‐things they may not have known and will save them both time and money. I want potential customers to feel compelled to contact me not through hype or pressure but because I can speak to them in simple terms.

Target Audience:

Both men and women, ages 35-­‐65, successful entrepreneurs, college educated, skilled in their area of expertise, lacking in technical ability. Can use a computer for word processing, email, and possibly use an IPad mostly as a PDA. Most understand the need for a website but don’t have the knowledge or time to devote to it.



What type of services do you offer to get my site ranked high by the search engines?

Are you able to set up an e-commerce website?

How much is this site going to cost me?

Do you charge by the page or by the hour?

What security is used, if needed?

How will your service help me generate interest in my business?

Do you offer different levels of packages?

What services are included in those packages?

How long have you been doing design?

Do you design websites to function on multiple platforms: cell phones, laptop computers, notebooks/IPads, etc.?

How do you integrate social media into your websites?

How often can I submit updates to my webpage?

How is your site different/better than others I could use?

Who helps when I need support... A real person or just computer generated q and a?

How complicated will it be to update the page to promote events/sales?

Asset List

Three icons/text that describe the three main purposes of the site Paragraph and screenshot of “featured” website design

4-­‐5 paragraphs of text to describe briefly each type of service offered-­‐a consultation, portfolio/business websites, e-­‐commerce websites, SEO services, and maintenance. The three main paragraphs will link to their respective pages. There will be an image to one side to add color and variety that symbolizes the different services offered.

Portfolio/Business Websites
2-­‐3 paragraphs describing what I can do for a portfolio or business website, how many pages it includes, and what types of features it includes. Price estimates. Photos to include examples.

E-commerce Websites
2-­‐3 paragraphs describing features and designs available and how many products the site can include. Price estimates. Photos to include examples.

SEO Services
2-­‐3 paragraphs describing what kind of SEO services are offered and costs involved.

Up to 12 groups of paragraph and screenshot of work examples.

Get Started
2-­‐3 sections of bullet points that have questions to ask about why the person needs a website and what they hope to accomplish, and lists of materials to collect. Photo of sample materials.

10-­‐15 of the most commonly asked questions about my services and website design in general.

At least one video tutorial and 2-­‐3 other text/photo based tutorials on common website functions geared towards those customers who update and maintain their own websites.

About Me
2-­‐3 paragraphs describing my background and experience. 1-­‐2 photographs, professional and family.

Page that includes written testimonials and picture of person when available giving recommendations to use my services.

Blog entries that offer tips and tricks and other helpful pieces of information.

Online web form for contact as well as email address. Photo of forms of communication.

Site Map

Site Map chart

Style Guide

Color Scheme graphic