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What type of services do you offer to get my site ranked high by the search engines?

Are you able to set up an e-commerce website?

How much is this site going to cost me?

Do you charge by the page or by the hour?

What security is used, if needed?

How will your service help me generate interest in my business?

Do you offer different levels of packages?

What services are included in those packages?

How long have you been doing design?

Do you design websites to function on multiple platforms: cell phones, laptop computers, notebooks/IPads, etc.?

How do you integrate social media into your websites?

How often can I submit updates to my webpage?

How is your site different/better than others I could use?

Who helps when I need support... A real person or just computer generated q and a?

How complicated will it be to update the page to promote events/sales?